Hello World....it's mama.fit.life

Ladies....mamas....beautiful babes...welcome to Mama.Fit.Life!!!  If you're reading this then you are one of...let's see.......maybe 3 people that know I have a blog? LOL. This is my first ever post and the beginning of Mama.Fit.Life. #MFL 

So first off a HUGE THANK YOU for being here!!!  This is a special moment for me and I am ecstatic/nervous/thrilled to be sharing it with you!

It all started a couple of months ago when I decided that I really wanted to document where I had gotten to on my health and fitness journey.  First, a little bit about how I got to this place.

Growing up I was always relatively active and played a variety of sports in school.  Stayed pretty in shape as a by product of that.  

After high school came college....and the things you expect that come along with college....including the freshman 10....or maybe it was 15?  I try to block it out.  What I do remember is lots of pizza rolls, poptarts, cocktails, ramen noodles, and powdered donuts....LOTS of powdered donuts. Being fit and active fell by the wayside during this time....obviously ;)

Then I met a boy. He was pretty awesome :) As I began spending more of my time with this boy, I also started to renew my interest in being active and found a desire to want to shed the extra pounds I had put on over the last few years and get healthier.  

First I started running.  And not like marathons or anything - just normal person running.  Like a couple miles a run, nothing crazy. Then I became a fitness instructor for a while at the college athletic facility.  That really motivated me to focus on getting back in shape.  Soon after that I graduated college, spread my wings, and off into the real world I flew.  

A few years past and one day that same boy from years ago asked me to marry him.  Man....that was a really good day :)  At that point we had been dating for about 6 years so once we tied the knot we got right down to business.....and 3 years later we were a family of 6.  That's right...6! WHAT??? Sheesh.  Yep...at one point we had 4 kids under the age of 3...Lord, what were we thinking???  

We wanted a big family and we sure got it...so I'll break it down for you. There's me,...that boy that proposed...and 4 kiddos...5 year old boy - MASON...aka MR. GQ...that face tho! then there is 4 year old girl - MADISON....sassy pants...that one's got a lot of her daddy in her! And for the finale - 3 year old boy/girl twins - Maverick and McKinley to round out the bunch.  Here is a peak at their sweet faces :)

kids 2016 pic.JPG

Needless to say, as I'm sure you can imagine, 4 kids in a span of less than 3 years can do a real humdinger to your body...like for real.  Not cool.  

With each pregnancy I tried to do better.  Make better eating choices...stay more active throughout.  But as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, those things can be really tough to do while your growing a human in your belly and your hormones are out of control. I mean really...who can resist the urge to make an entire can of pillsbury cinnamon rolls at 10:30pm and eat them all?  Right??? I blame the baby. 🙄

So, once I wrapped up the pregnancy thing, I took stock of my body and knew it was time to make a change.  I needed to focus and be more intentional about getting my body back on track and becoming healthier.

So I began that journey a few years ago and have been really happy with where I have gotten today.  Don't worry, I will of course elaborate on this journey in future posts about how exactly I started, and how things progressed over time, and what I learned through it all.  But for now, know this...it most certainly wasn't without setbacks, cheat days....or weeks, or feeling like I had failed.  It was hard and still can be at times, but if you work at it, being healthy and active becomes a lifestyle instead of an event.  Then it is just a way of life and doesn't require so much effort.  And the best part is - you feel so much better!!!

The first thought I had when a couple of close friends both told me I should start a fitness blog......

(and Kate and Megan if you're reading this then please know how much I love you for those words of encouragement) 

.......was why in the world would anyone care about what I have to say?  I mean really.........I'm just a working gal who is trying her best to be a good mom, a loving wife, a caring friend, and a healthy person.  The same thing most women out there are trying to do.  Married, single, kids, no kids...doesn't matter.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves.  But it can be hard.

Many, MANY days I feel like an absolute failure.  I yelled at my kids too much.  I caved and ate way more halloween candy than I should have.  I skipped days of working out because I just couldn't drag myself out of bed after I had been woken up 4 times in the night by little ones with coughs and bad dreams.  I forgot about a school project.  I didn't pack my son's lunch.  I botched a huge presentation at work. I missed show and tell.  My husband came home to kids screaming, a house that looked like a tornado went through it and no dinner ready. My kids watched way too much TV and had pop-tarts twice today.  You name it.  There are always things I feel like I could do better. But what I am slowly realizing is that all of that stuff is just part of life.  No one is perfect.  We all do our best and sometimes we just need to realize that our best is good enough.  Sure we can always improve....but I have learned after 4 kids that focusing on yourself can be one of the best things you'll ever do and it can provide the biggest return on your investment and not just for you but for all of those loved ones around you.  As I began trying to practice that in my life I started seeing positive results.  So why not share that? 

So I decided I would go for it...I love sharing what I know with my friends....I love when people ask me for fitness and workout advice or recipe tips.... I enjoy talking about the war stories of raising littles, and in general helping however I can.  So why not make it official?

And so, Mama.Fit.Life was born.  Who knows exactly what this will turn into, but my plan is to just write.  Write about fitness, working out, and being active - the good the bad and the ugly!  Write about food ideas, tips, and education.  Write about being a mom of 4 littles and all of the crazy chaos that goes along with that.  Write about working full time and balancing that with my family.  I'll tell you about workout clothes that I love, foods I eat all of the time, house items I swear by, makeup I can't live without, things that make me cry, quotes that inspire me, stories about my day.  I'll share pictures with you...real pictures of real life. And we'll talk about workouts....lots and lots of workouts.  

You don't have to be a mama to come here.......but I'm a mama so you'll have to hear about it from time to time :) My goal is to create a positive and motivating place where women of all kinds can come.  Come and find whatever it is that you need that day...which might be different than what you need the next day so I'll always try to change it up.  

I want everyone out there to know that you aren't the only one.  You aren't the only one looking to drop that baby weight or freshman 15.....or just the extra pounds that seem to accumulate as you get older - thanks metabolism, you're such a dear friend 🙄

You aren't the only one that feels like you yelled way too much at your kids today.  You aren't alone in not knowing where in the world to start when you walk into the gym - OR avoiding the gym altogether.  You aren't the only one who has no idea what a day of healthy eating should and should not look like..  You aren't the only one who feels like they aren't performing at their peak at work.

We are all struggling with similar things at different times and Mama.Fit.Life. is a place to come and fit in, find advice, humor, and tips, and feel apart of a community of women just like you!

I'm not a personal trainer or a fitness coach.  I'm not a licensed dietician.  I don't have a degree in exercise science.  No personal chef here making my meals or a trainer screaming in my face to motivate me to workout.  I am a normal, everyday girl, just like you. Just doing life. Doing the best I can to be the best me I can be for my family, my friends, and myself.  And I want to share that with you.

I want to write about what YOU want to hear about...so tell me!! Sign up for the emails and give me your ideas on what you want to see on the blog.  Ask me questions.  Comment on the posts.  Follow me on Instagram @mama.fit.life and Facebook @mamafitlife Tell me what you love and what you hate......well hate is a really strong word.......and a girl can be sensitive sometimes ;) .......so maybe just what you would like to see differently.

Sheesh...that's got to be enough for the first post right?? :) THANK YOU if you hung in there with me and made it this far on my first ever post!! LOVE you for that. Seriously. 💜 Now if you enjoyed it and want to see more then share this post on social media and with all the beautiful babes in your life, sign up for the emails, and come back again after today and let's do this thing together! The more we share, the bigger our little community can grow! 👯‍♂️👯‍♂️👯‍♂️ You can also read a little more about me here 😘 #MFL