Calorie Blasting HIIT Workout!

So you will soon learn from me that I am a BIG believer in strength training...weights, in my opinion, do far more for your body then cardio ever will.  That said, that doesn't mean I don't also get my cardio on from time to time.  

In the below video I put together a fantastic  ...and a little brutal but in an oh-so-awesome-after-the-fact kind of way.... HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for you!  This workout doesn't have weights BUT it does combine both cardio and some body weight strength training - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

This HIIT series will work every part of your body...upper body, lower body, core, back and your HEART!!

A few things you need to remember when doing these exercises:

The instructions below say 10-15 reps of each move.  Repeat that for 3-4 rounds.  If you are new to working out or just getting back into from a long break, start on the low side.  Start out with only 10 reps and 3 rounds.  You can work up from there.

What you don't want to do is try to do too much, then quit, and not try again because you don't think you can do it.  Even if you only start out with 5 reps per move for a few rounds....that is a WIN! The goal here is to commit to the workout...whatever numbers you plug in can be yours to determine - the challenge I have for you is to finish whatever you commit to!!!  

If you're moving at a good pace, then 1 round with 10 reps per move should take you about 5 minutes.  Probably closer to 6-7 minutes per round if you do 15 reps per move.  That gives you a general time gauge....BUT if it takes you 10 minutes to get through 1 round of 8-10 reps then GREAT! The point is that you did it and you completed the whole round....not so much focus on the time it took you to get there.  

Can't stop, won't stop....

You want to try your best not to stop in between exercises during a round. Try and push through the complete round before resting.  But again. Listen to your body.  Know your limits...but also challenge yourself to push them a bit.  Many times it's just mind over matter. 

Once you complete a round, it's time for 1 minute of rest.  In the beginning you might need more than 1 minute...and that's OK. up to the goal.  You don't have to start at the just  have to keep going until you get there.


  • Burpees 10-15
  • Lunges w/knee raise 10-15 per leg
  • Squat jumps 10-15
  • Switch jumps 10-15 per leg
  • Push ups 10-15
  • Up/down planks 10-15 per arm
  • Lateral leg raises 10-15 per leg
  • Sit Ups 10-15
  • Tricep dips 10-15
  • Donkey kicks 10-15 per leg
  • Plank hold 30 seconds

That's 1 round.  Rest for 1 minute after you complete round 1.  Then repeat exercises for a total of 3-4 rounds. Enjoy buring those calories and toning those fabulous bodies!!!   

If you try the exercise, come back here and comment and tell us how you did! What's even better than that?? Post a before/after/or during workout pic and tag us on Instagram or facebook @mamafitlife #MFL