15 Minute STANDING ab workout 🖤

Ok girls, here is another in the 15 minute workout series!! This is a 15 minute STANDING ab workout....NO BORING CRUNCHES HERE!!! 

REMEMBER; Keep your core engaged through each one of the workouts...be mindful about it.  You can use a weight or not to the moves .- your choice.  I'm using a 10lb weight in the video.

Moves and Instructions Below:

  • Triangle Toe Touches
  • Side dips
  • Overhead to opposite knee touches
  • Straight arm side to side
  • Overhead to opposite toe touches
  • Sumo squat side crunches

Complete all moves 10x per side to make 1 full round.  Repeat the rounds for a total of 3-4 times (or however many you can do in 15 minutes.) Rest for about 1-2 minutes between rounds.  

Pair this workout with another one of my 15 minute workouts and you've completed a solid 30 minute sweat session 🙌🏼 👊🏼 . Way to go babe....enjoy shredding those abs....and good luck sitting up in bed tomorrow morning 😆 😂