15 Minute Full Body Band Workout 🔥

Ok girls, it's Sunday night....the perfect time for me to post a new 15 minute workout routine to start your week off right tomorrow!

A few weeks ago I ordered some resistance bands off amazon (linked below in post) to try out and get some new workout routine ideas.  Loving them so far!! Today, I put together a routine of 6 different moves that will work your entire body...legs, booty 🍑  abs, and arms! 💪🏼

Video below shows you each of the moves and as always you'll find the names....most of which are made up of course 😆 and directions for each of them.  

  • Low Plank Leg Raises x15
  • Bridge w/wide Leg x15
  • Side Leg Diamonds x10
  • High Plank Leg Raises x15
  • Plank Side Crunches x10
  • Boat Extensions x10

That's one full set.

Complete as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes..most likely 3-4.

A few things to note:

  1. On the bridge move, you raise your booty up and when you get it to the top you squeeze it and then keep it held high while you widen your legs slowly and then bring them back together, then lower down to the floor.
  2. On the side leg diamonds, start by lying on your side with knees bent and stacked on top of each.  Keep your ankles together and raise them up off the ground.  Then begin opening and closing your knees.
  3. On the plank side crunches, don't let your low back dip down.  Keep your abs engaged to keep your back supported.  

Now, let's talk about the bands I'm using.  As I love to do with just about everything, I ordered these little beauties off of Amazon, prime of course, for just $7.99!! 🙌🏼 . Here is a link to them.

It comes with a set of 3 bands - a light, medium, and a heavy band.  In the video I am using the medium band.  These are a low cost and easy way to get creative and change up your workouts.  I'm going to continue experimenting with them and adding other 15 minute band routine to the blog here for you girls to try out.  These are also AWESOME to take with you when you travel.  For me, when I travel I don't always like to go to the hotel gym....if there even is one.....but it's not really ideal to travel with weights for my room either.  These are perfect to throw into a suitcase, they weigh practically nothing and take up no room but can give you a great full body sweat session!! 👍🏼

Now, as always, pair this with another one of my 15 minute workout routines or 15 minutes of cardio and you will have crushed a solid 30 minute workout day.  Enjoy babes....have an amazing week!! 😘 🖤