You just might surprise yourself...

Have you ever done something and surprised yourself?  Like really surprised yourself with your abilities?  Could be anything.  Thought you could never bake a certain type of dessert that your mom always did but you tried it and nailed it.  Or thought you could never run a 5k but a friend suckered you into one for charity and you finished it without stopping?

It's funny how often we allow negativity from the world around us and the people around us to dictate how we think about ourselves or what our worth is.  So often we let fear creep in and convince us that we can't do something.  That we aren't good enough.  That we aren't strong enough.  That we don't deserve it.  That we aren't worthy.  That we aren't pretty enough.  Or tall enough. Or thin enough.  

You're AMAZING.  And beautiful.  And talented.  And special.  And smart.  And funny.  There is nothing in this world that you can't do if you just set your mind to it.  If you work hard, stay focused, and make choices each day to work towards your goal, then you CAN achieve it.

What is something that you've always thought you could never do? Something that always seemed out of reach for you? Or you were never the "right type" of person that it would work for. Something people always said was unachievable.  Something you thought was only for "those girls."  Something simple, but unattainable in your mind.

Think for a minute about something you would like to do.  Something that you've never thought you could...big or small, doesn't matter.  Something that if you could do it, would feel incredible.  Would surprise you if you could pull it off.

So for me, one of my 2018 goals, as you know if you've been following the blog, was to start practicing yoga regularly.  And by regularly I committed that I will practice yoga at least 3x per week in 2018.  

I've dabbled in yoga here and there before.  Taken the occasional class at the gym...done a few home videos, that sort of thing.  But that's about the extent of it.  I actually was never really even that into it when I did it before or thought it really did much for you until I was on a work trip recently and took a hot yoga class at Bikram yoga and it was just INCREDIBLE.  I wanted more. 

Now there are so many different reasons why I want to focus on yoga, most of which I talked about already when I wrote the post about my 2018 goals.  But one of the things I mentioned was how beautiful I feel like yoga is.  When I was getting ready to start the Mama.Fit.Life blog and my Instagram page, I started searching Instagram for people doing something similar.  Just to get some inspiration.  I started running across a bunch of different yoga gals 🤸🏼‍♀️ (yoginis as I now know they are called 😉).  I would just get lost in their Instagram pages of post after post of these incredible pictures.  So simple.  Just a holding a yoga pose..sometimes a beautiful background behind them of a pristine beach or luscious forest or greenery...but sometimes it was just them, a blank wall, and a yoga pose.  And they were breathtaking.  Here are some beautiful babes on Instagram I suggest checking out @adellbridges @theyoginist 

They just looked so strong and powerful and artistic.  Many of the poses that I loved most were inversion poses (upside down headstands, handstands...that sorta thing). The hard stuff.

I thought to I would really like to be able to do something like that one day.  Create pictures like that.  Something that was strong and beautiful and inspiring.  And that was part of how I landed on yoga as one of my 2018 goals.

Now...what does that have to do with surprising yourself you ask?  Well, this week, I was working on documenting what I look like today doing some very basic yoga poses.  I wanted to video it so I could see myself doing them now, look at my form, see how flexible I am at this moment and then use it later for comparison as I go through 2018.   Here's what that looked like.

Takeaway #1 from that video is that I'm not nearly as flexible as I liked to think I was in my head 😑 but that's gotta start somewhere right?

So as I was going through and making this video, I decided to start reading up on how to teach yourself how to do a headstand (I learned from research that a headstand is easier to start with in yoga over a hand stand).  I watched a few youtube some blogs and articles...and then one day I decided to give it a try.  Everything suggested starting with using the wall as support and trying to work your way up from there.  I anticipated it being a complete disaster.  Like...might potentially break something 😆

But to my surprise, that wasn't exactly the case.  I gave it a shot....not saying it was the pretties thing in the world or that I nailed it on my first try....BUT I did try.  And not only did I get up there on the wall....I actually was able to get myself OFF the wall and hold it there for a few seconds 🙌🏼😳🙋🏼 Are you kidding me???? I was so excited!! It was that moment I was talking about where you truly surprise yourself.  I did something that I held in a place where I thought I could likely never do it.  Or at the very least, not anytime soon.  Sure, it's going to take a lot of hard work, practice, training, and a lot of other things to REALLY do what I'm striving towards and what I see in these incredible photos, but the point is, that even right now I can do SO much more than I originally thought I could or gave myself credit for.  

It's not anything big or crazy...its small.  It's a headstand.  But for me, it was huge.  I felt like a rockstar when I came down from that thing. 💃🏼 I felt so accomplished.  And invigorated.  Amped to really focus on doing this thing...feeling like I could really accomplish this goal.  It was amazing and motivating and enlightening.  

I share all this to say....if there is something you never thought you could do, just try it.  Give it a shot.  What's the worst that could happen?  You just might surprise yourself and see that you really are in fact strong enough....good enough...talented do it after all.  

Here's to reaching for the stars babe! ✨🖤