Back, Shoulders & Tricep Workout

So working my shoulders has also been a favorite for me as I feel like you can see changes and differences pretty quickly with that body part. But a more recentlyl added favorite body part to work is my back! I’ve started to see some changes and muscle definition there that i’ve never seen before and I’m loving it!!

In today’s workout I’ve put together some of my favorite moves that will work your shoulders, back and biceps. It’s a no weights needed, do anywhere workout. Hope you girls enjoy!!


Shoulder taps x 10
Oblique push-ups x10 each side (knees ok too😉)
Forward & Reverse Arm Circles x15 each arm 
Tricep Dip Downs x10
Flutters x25
Pike Push-ups x10
Plank walk out w/push up x10

Repeat set 3x

Make sure you keep your core engaged throughout!! 😘