15 Minute Leg Workout!!

It's Sunday night....you know what that means!! That's right, a new 15 minute workout to start your week off right and add to your weekly options for sweat sessions!!  Today's focus is legs, legs, legs!! 

Routine Moves:

  • Lunges x10 (per side)

  • Isometric lunges x10 (per side)

  • Squats with side raises x10 (per side)

  • Weighted deadlifts x10

  • Weighted plie squats x10

  • Side Lunges x10 (per side)

  • Knee Raises w/Reverse Extension x10 (per side)

  • Weighted Calf Raises x20

Complete a full set.  Rest for 1-2 minutes.  Repeat set 2 more times for a total of 3 full sets in 15 minutes.  

Workout Notes:

  • Lunges - make sure that your leg is making a 90 degree angle when you bend into the lunge and that your knee DOES NOT come past your toes.  Keep good posture, engage your core.
  • Isometric lunges - these are small movements down at the bottom of the lunge to really feel the burn
  • Weighted Deadlift - bend your knees just a tiny bit, keep you back straight, squeeze your booty at the top.  Keep the weights grazing your legs on the way down and up.
  • Weighted plie squat - stand tall and have good posture, engage your core, squeeze your booty at the top
  • Side Lunges - make sure knee DOES NOT come past your toes
  • Knee Raises w/reverse extension - this one works your whole body and helps with your balance. Move slowly and focus on your balance.   Keep your foot flexed.
  • Weighted calf raises - can most likely use a much higher weight on this one than on some of the others.  Take your time and make sure you are maximizing the extension of your calf muscle.

In the video I am using a 15lb dumbbell.

Pair this with any of my other 15 minute workouts or 15 mintues of cardio and you will have slayed another solid sweat session!! Way to go beautiful!! 🙌🏼