Eat Cleaner 🖤

Can you tell the difference in these blueberries??? 


How many of you girls out there buy your produce at the grocery , come home, rinse it throughouly with water and then put it into containers and into the fridge?🙋🏼 That was my go to routine when it came to fruit.  Then one day I was sitting on the couch surfing TV channels and came across what seemed to be a show similar to shark tank but focused on healthy type of products only.  They were interviewing this woman that came up with the product called Eat Cleaner.  Linked here on amazon.  

The only all natural, patented produce wash, Eat Cleaner® is the tasteless, odorless and lab-tested line of food wash and wipes that is up to 99.9% more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues and bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce. In a 14-day study, applying Eat Cleaner All Natural Fruit + Vegetable Wash to a variety of fruit and vegetables also prolonged shelf life up to 200% longer through a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants.

eat cleaner.jpg

I decided to give this stuff a try...I mean it was only $20 bucks on Amazon for 3 bottles so I figured why not??? 🤷🏼‍♀️  I am SOOOO glad that I did.  After using it one time and seeing the difference in made in just the look of the fruit I was eating, and that's all it took for me.  I mean think about it....why would the two blueberries above look so different? I mean they are both washed right?  I rinsed the bottom thoroughly with water but the top one I used the eat cleaner spray on.  You can obviously see the different....the rich dark color that's coming through from the blueberries cleaned with Eat Cleaner just shows you how much wax, residue and pesticides are on the fruit you are eating and you don't even know it it!! 😮 Crazy right??!?!?

Now it also boasts that the Eat Cleaner can extend the shelf life of your fruit by up to 200x.....I haven't quite seen that yet but I can definitely tell a difference in the taste....just fresher and cleaner overall, and we do get slightly longer out of our fruit since starting to use this product.  Probably at least an extra 3-4 days.

Using the spray is super simple.  You just spray the fruit generously, let it set for 2 minutes, then rinse with water.  That's it! 

All in all I'm extremely happy with the product and feel really good about using it.  Wish I had known about it sooner but wanted to share with all of you beautiful babes out there too!!