15 Minute Abs!

Hello Gorgeous!! Glad to see you back here for your newest 15 minute workout from Mama.Fit.Life!! Today we are all about abs.  Core strength is key to so many different things....posture, balance, and speed just to name a few.  Plus, one of my goals for 2018 was to focus on working my abs at least 4 times per week so I'm all about creating lots of different ab routines so I can keep changing it up.  👊🏼

Be sure to read the notes about this one after you look through all the moves because there are some key things to keep in mind to make sure you avoid any injury/pain ❌ ❌...especially in the low back!!


  • Crunches x15
  • Heel Taps x15 (each side)
  • Leg extensions w/heel tap x10
  • Leg Raises x15
  • Bicycle Crunches x15 (each side)
  • 90 degree crunches x15

After completing each of the above moves you have completed 1 full set 👊🏼 Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat for a total of 3 complete sets.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing this workout: 

➡️  Keep your low back pushed down to the ground ALWAYS.  This one is tough....especially on some of the moves like the leg extensions w/heel taps and the leg raises.  BUT it is crucial to keep your low back down in order to avoid any low back pain.  You can keep it down simply by focusing on doing it, engaging your core and pulling your belly button down towards the ground.

➡️  On the leg extensions w/heel tap...this one is especially tough to keep you low back down...but it also hurts especially bad in your low back if you don't. 😱  That's why I only have this one at 10 reps.  I found it best for me to do 5...then pause just for a second to re-engage my core and purposefully pull my belly button down again and then finish the last 5.

➡️  For all the crunch moves it's important NOT to pull on your neck when crunching upwards.  Not only does that defeat the purpose of working your core because your moving the work to your neck and shoulders but it also increases your risk of injury or straining of the neck which we definitely do not want 🙅🏼 ❌  Make sure you are raising from your core and your pressing your chest upwards towards the ceiling.  Keep a neutral spine and neck by gazing forward and slightly upward and keep your elbows out to the side, not pointing forward.

➡️  Lastly...if you don't work your abs often, 15 reps on most of these moves might be too much for you.  It is TOTALLY 👌🏽  to bring it down and start with 10 reps for each move and slowly work your way up from there as you begin to gain strength in your core.  Proper form is WAY more important than the number of reps your doing so listen to your body, do what works for you but is still challenging and make sure you are focusing on your form! ✔️