Protein Pancakes!!!

Who likes pancakes??? 🙋🏼 Or even better....who's kids like pancakes?? 🙋🏼 Um mine, for sure!! So pancakes make a regular appearance around our house, usually on the weekends.  I love them, my kids love them.  What I haven't always loved about them is that they just don't do much for us in the way of nutrition. 

How many of you have seen posts about protein pancakes or tried a protein pancake recipe that you found online? 🤔  So I was actually planning to try one of them out this week and bought all the ingredients while at the grocery store.  Then I left the grocery store, went into Costco and guess what I found??? This!!!

protei pancakes.jpg

These stuff is SOOOO good....but even better, they are SOOOOOO easy!!! They are called Kodiac Cakes. 

No list of ingredients to mix up or the taste of protein powder in your pancakes! But what you do get is 14g of protein for 3 pancakes!! 😮 What??? That's right!! 🙌🏼 . 

And that's if you just mix the pancake mix with water.  If you mix it with milk (or in my case a good go to is the Silk protein Nut Milk which has 10g of protein per 8oz.....clink here for link) then you get 19g of protein in 3 pancakes....or better yet...milk and 1 egg and you get a whopping 25g of protein for 3 pancakes.....absolutely unheard of!! 

At my house when I was growing up we always put peanut butter on our pancakes ....and I still eat them that way to this day...and have passed the tradition down to my kiddos. 👭 👬 So when you add some PB to it your over 30g of protein!! Amazing.  And another bonus - only 3g of sugar!! Wooohooo!!! 🙌🏼 They are made with filling whole grain oats as too to keep you full.

Overall these were a huge hit at my house.  My kids love them 🖤  and I love feeling good about the fact that they are loading up on protein without tons of sugar. 💪🏼 

They are also a great go to lunch for me as well when I'm working from home.  

So as I mentioned I found this mix at Costco, but because I love you girls so much....and I 🖤 amazon prime, here is link to the mix on amazon as well so you can order from your couch in your PJ's and have it arrive safely at your front door 🚪 

Hope you girls enjoy them! 😘 😘