15 Minute Arm Workout 💪🏼

I have been working on trying to settle into a routine of when I post workouts to the blog so you girls have an idea of what to expect.  I'm liking posting a new workout on Sunday evenings so that you have something new to try when you start off your week, but if you girls prefer a different time, then comment below and let me know.

For now, here is a new 15 minute workout focused totally on upper body - working those arms and sculpting those guns!! 💪🏼

The moves:

  • Forward arm circles x10
  • Backward Arm Circles x10
  • Pushups x10
  • Tricep Raises x10
  • Front Arm Raises x10
  • Bicep Curls x10
  • Side Arm Raises 10
  • Bent Over Row x10
  • Bent Over Flys x10

This one is pretty straight forward...not a whole lot of instruction needed besides the names and the video but as always....Remember to keep your core engaged the whole time so that you are getting some ab work in as well.  Don't rush any of the moves . Take your time, be in the moment, and feel the muscles working. 

Also - it's ok to use different weights for different moves.  For things like the arm circles and front and side raises and flys I used a 10lb weight but for moves like the tricep raises and rows I used a 15lb weight . 

Try different weights and see what feels good but also challenging for you.  

Hope you girls enjoy!! Have an amazing week beauties! 😘 🖤