15 Minute Cardio Arms Workout!

Happy  Sunday evening beauties!!! I am happy to report that I am back on track with getting your new Sunday workout up to help you start your week off right after a bit of a technology snafu last week!

I had one of the best weekends this week with some of my favorite girls in the world...our annual #mombreak 2018 was a huge success.  One of my girl friends got the hook up on an amazing lake house that was breathtaking! I literally felt like I woke up in a pottery barn catalog each morning.

Since I was on vacation I indulged myself a bit when it came to food and drink...I mean after all, it's vacation, I'm going to enjoy myself! But now it's time to get back to the normal routine and what better way to start that back than with a new workout routine!

I made this one a couple weeks ago and have been soooo excited to share it with you girls.  You'll notice the format of this one is a bit different than the ones I've done before.  This is a very fast paced routine, thus the name Cardio arms.  It will keep your heart rate up and your arms burning all the way through!! 

You will see that there are 4 groups of 3 exercieses per group. You will do each group of exercieses twice, before moving on to the next group of exercises.  There is NO resting and NO stopping either between exerciess within the group or between groups.  The goal is to constantly keep moving wtih very little rest.  

You will also want to use LIGHT weights....trust me on this!! I am using 5lbs in the video.  I know it may not seem like much at first, but trust me, the fire will come and you'll thank me for only using 5lbs!!  


  1. Arnold Press

  2. Bicep Curl

  3. Push Up w/Side Plank

Complete 2 rounds.

  1. Side Raises x12

  2. Row w/tricep extension and pulses x12

  3. Upright Rows x12

Complete 2 rounds.

  1. Alternating Front Raises x12

  2. Rear Flys x12

  3. Hammer curl w/overhead press x12

Complete 2 rounds.

  1. Tricep Extensions x12

  2. Wide arm pushups x12

  3. Bridge Tricep Dips x12

Complete 2 rounds.  And you're finished....YAYAY!!!!

A few things to remember....

When you are starting out, if 12 reps is too much, always remember that you can bring that down to 8 or 10 to make it more manageable and then work up to 12.

Make sure to perform any single side moves on both sides of the body before moving to the next move.

Remember - try not to rest or break until you are done wtih the complete workout except for a quick drink of water here and there.

Hope you girls enjoy this workout!! This is still part of the 15 minute routines....but I will say that it might take you a bit longer than that the frist time or two that you do it, but once you've got the hang of it down there is no reason you can't compelte the full workout in 15 minutes.

Let me know what you guys think!!