Upper Body & Core Workout - GYM edition

Changing it up for you girls today!! To date I have only posted workouts that can be down with just your body weight, dumbbells, or other items that you could have easily at home.  Today I decided to post my first gym based workout video. 

I know there may be many of you that like to go to the gym to get your workouts, or at least change it up at the gym from time to time.  There might be others of you who have access to a gym....whether it's a monthly membership you pay for or a community gym in your neighborhood, but you don't really ever go, mostly because you aren't confident in what exactly to do once you get there besides run on the treadmill 🤔 🙄

Well today's workout is SUPER easy to do at any gym.  Find this multi purpose machine that you will see in the below video...it is GOLDEN!! You can do SOOOOO many different types of exercises and work all different areas of your body, all without ever switching machines! 🙌🏼

For this particular workout, I focused on the upper body and the core.  See below for a detailed description of the moves and anything to take note of while doing the workout.


  • Presses x 10
  • Hanging knee Raises x10 (side to side and center)
  • Tricep pull downs x10
  • Reverse tricep pull downs x10
  • Cross pulls x 10 (each side)
  • Criss cross row x10
  • Standing crunches x10

Do each move 10x and repeat for a total of 3 sets.  Make sure that you do any single side moves on each side to complete the move.  

On the hanging knee raises you'll bring your knees up on the left side, then on the right side, then bring them to the center.  That's 1.  

As with all exercises, make sure you are engaging your core and keeping it tight and working.

You will most likely want to adjust the amount of weight you are using depending on which of the moves you are doing.  You may be able to go heavier on some and not others so just pay attention to what your body is telling you but ensure you are also challenging yourself and moving at a good quick pace to keep your heart rate up. 🖤

Let me know if you girls would like to see more of the gym based workouts in addition to the at home workouts.  Thanks babes!