Hello Microblading...

YAY!!!! My microblading experience is finally finisehd and I am ready to share all the down and dirty details with you girls!!

First off....100% best decision EVER!!! But before I get into the details of why, let's first start from the beginning for those of you who may not even know what microblading is.  Below I will talk about what it is along with some common FAQ's.

What is Microblading?  

Also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes, is a form of semi-Permanent Makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.  In the past people used to get "cosmetic tattos" down to their brows which was considered permanent makeup, however microblading is less invasive than that of traditional cosmetics tattoos which is why it is referred to as semi-permanent.

How long does it last?  

This depends on your skin type and skin care routine, but microblading typically lasts anywhere between 1-3 years.

Does it hurt?

Of course everyone has a different pain threshold so what might be considered exceptionally painful to one person might be more than tolerable to another, so this will obviously range from person to person.  That said, for me, it was painful, but tolerable.  Funnily enough my left eye seems to be more sensitive than my right for some reason 🤷🏻‍♀️ so it watered a lot more than the right side and was a bit more painful on that side.  

That said, there is numbing cream involved which is a big help 🙌🏼 I'll explain more about this further down when I share the story of my experience.

How much does it costs?

Again, this can vary widely based on who you go to for the service.  That said, a few things to remember/think about as you look for a provider of microblading:

  1. 1evel of experience - do you know anyone who has had the microblading performed by them? Do they have a portfolio or social media presence where they display work for you to see?  How long have they been doing this?
  2. Is the salon clean? Inviting?
  3. Are they the cheapest person you've looked at?  If so, you might want to re-consider.  Come on girls....this is SEMI-PERMANENT makeup that will be applied to YOUR FACE!!! Let's not cut corners and go with the cheapest option.  I don't know about you but I've seen pictures of some really terrible outcomes of microblading so I would say it's something to definitely be willing to spend the money on with a reputable provider if you decide it's something you want to do.
  4. Microblading is an ART.  You want an "artist" that knows the ins and outs of what they are doing and exactly how to give you the brows you want - DO YOUR RESEARCH!!
  5. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and after seeing the results of a friend of mine and how fabulous they were I reached out to Casey at Suite Lovely located in the Salons of Dallas.  I'll talk further about this amazing gal in a bit but her cost is $475 for the initial session and $175 for the second session.

How long does it take?  

Most artisits recommend 2 sessions.  The initial session and then a second follow up session 4-6 weeks later.  They also typically recommend one annual touch up session each year after.

Each session typically takes between 1 1/2 - 2 hours.  


Ok....now that we have gotten through that, let me tell you....and show you....what my experience was like.  

First was choosing an artist....and believe me that is definitely what they are...artists.  Well the good ones at least 😆 A friend of mine had had her brows done before I really even knew what microblading was.  When I saw her I was stunned....they looked so fabulous! I had to know what she had done.  She explained and I immediately went into research mode....because that's what I do.  I want to know EVERYTHING about something.  

After doing my research I understood the importance of finding a good artist and be willing to pay for those results vs the poor (sometimes scary 🙀) results you may get by going the cheap route.  I had already seen my friends brows so after going onto the social media sites of her artist to see other work she had done I was convinced that she was my girl.  Her name is Casey.  This is her beautiful face 😁


She is such a doll!!! And so sweet and INCREDIBLY talented!!! Her salon is called Suite Lovely and is located in the Salons of Dallas.  You can find her on Instagram @suite_lovely

Once I reached out to Casey and got my appointment booked, she sent me some info to look over to understand how to best prepare for my microblading session.  A few key takeaways from my prep:

  • Get your botox at least 2 weeks before your session....or wait until after.
  • If you workout often then you need to get some extra sweat sessions in before your microblading because you will need to avoid sweating for 3-4 days to allow the ink to settle in.
  • No pain killers the 2 days prior to your session.
  • If allergic to wax, make sure to groom your brows 2 days prior to your session.  Otherwise, expect that they will be waxed during the session.

I read it all over, followed her guildlines and was ready to go on the big day!! 

I should probably pause for a moment here and talk about why I wanted microblading done in the first place.  Below is a picture of my bare brows prior to my microblading.

before pic.jpg

What you'll notice are a few things most likely.  They are pretty light...espeially as you move towards the end of my brows.  They really lack shape and arch.  They are really sparse in some areas...namely the fronts and ends.  

For those reasons I have ALWAYS colored in my brows every morning for many many years.  It has been a staple of my daily makeup routine.  Which is fine I guess, and not really all that big of a deal to have to color them in when applying my makeup.  The bigger issue was on days where I didn't want to wear makeup at all....like lazy weekends.  Or when I was spending the day in the pool or at the beach where my color would wash away.  On those days I was just left with my sparse, light, shapeless brows.  That was my main driver for wanting microblading.

Here is an example of one eyebrow colored in and one not.  

one done one not.JPG

Eyebrow on the left is not colored in, eyebrow on the right is. Sadly, even the colored in one still lacks arch and shape 

So now that you know the WHY behind my microblading experience, let's continue on.  

I showed up on the big day for my appointment super excited.  When I arrived Casey greeted me and promptly cleaned off my brows and forehead to get rid of any makeup and then she applied numbing cream and covered my brows for 30 minutes.  While I waited I noted how much I liked her taste in music with her on point spotify playlist! 💃🏻

Once the numbing cream had done its job, she had me lay down on the table where she went to work drawing out my brows.  Here's a pic of what that process looked like.

during the process.jpg

Something to note during this process.  Casey told me this at the very beginning of the process.  "Your eyebrows are SISTERS NOT TWINS" They aren't supposed to look exactly alike, that's not natural.  So if you go into this expecting to come out with two identical brows, you'll be disappointed...so know that going in...but know that you probably don't want that either.

Drawing the brows takes a significant chunk of the time...which it should.  This is the "artisit" part of the process and getting it right is what it's all about.  She measured different parts of my face, nose, eyes, brows, to ensure that she gets everything exactly as it should be.  She sat me up....made changes...laid me down and made changes...repeat.  Once it was perfect, she began the process.

The best way I can describe what it feels like is probably exactly like what you would think.  It just feels like a teeny tiny little needle that she sticks in and then drags a bit to draw the hair stroke.  And she just repeats that several times along through your brows.  She started on my right eye.  It really wasn't bad.  My eyes watered a bit and it was uncomfortable but not terrible.  My left eye was a bit worse....watered a lot more and hurt more, but still not terrible.  That part of the process really only takes maybe 2 minutes per eye....or at least that what it seemed like.  It was quick.

After the first pass, she reapplied the numbing cream, covered my brows again, and had me sit there for about 5 minutes.  Then she repeats the process all over again.  This time I basically felt absolutely nothing.  It was a cake walk.  Casey explained that the numbing cream has a much better affect the second time around because the skin has been broken and it can really get in there.  

Then we were done! She cleaned me up and I was on my way.  Here is what it looked like after that first session.

after first session.jpg

If you forgot what I looked like before then scroll back up ☝🏼 in this post and look at that picture because this was amazing! I was obsessed as soon as I got in the car.  Not only were they darker and filled in to create a full brow, but she had also managed to create shape and give me the eyebrow arch I had always wanted!! 🙌🏼

Now......let's talk about healing...this next part is important.  As I mentioned early, most artists recommend that you do 2 sessions to complete your microblading.  After the first session, as your brows heal, some of the hair strokes may not stay as saturated as you want them to so there may be imperfections that you begin to see or small gaps of color or incomplete hair lines.  This is normal.  It's ok. It's to be expected.  

Again, everyone heals different and everyone's skin takes to the process differently.  People with more oily skin may not retain the ink as well as those that have drier skin.   Some people may scab up while others may just kind of flake away.  Here are some key take aways from the after care information she provided:

  •  Do not exercise or do any activities that will make you sweat for 3-4 days.
  • Keep brows as dry as possible for 3-4 days.
  • Do not apply powder or draw in your brows until the they are completely healed (10-14 days)
  • Don't peel off scabs.
  • Apply the A&D ointment sparingly.
  • Don't expose brows to direct sunlight until completely done healing (10-14 days)

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER - the color will fade a bit once the scabbing/healing is complete and the size will shrink some.  Don't freak out if that happens.  Wait until you finish your second session and have completed the full process to see a full final result.

When I left, Casey gave me a small packet of the A&D ooinment and instructed me to put it on my brows 1x per day for 3 days.  JUST A SMALL AMOUNT.  Don't slather it on, be sparing.  I put mine on right before bed for the first 3 nights.

Over the next week I had pretty minimal scabbing.  Mostly just some little flakes that would come off.  The only thing I really even noticed was that after about a week there were a couple days where my brows itched and I had to make a conscious effort not to scratch or touch them but that was it.

I washed my face each night as normal but was careful to avoid my brow area until after the 2 week healing period.  

What I did see is what Casey told me to expect which was that the color lighted over those first two weeks and the initial size decreased somewhat.  She reminded me not to think this was the final product and to be patient until the follow up session.  

Fast forward 5 weeks and I was back for my follow up session.  Now before I talk about that I want to introduce you to one other concept which might be new to you.  It's called SHADING.  

Shading is just a slightly different technique but still the same concept of microblading.  

What's the difference?  While microblading creates the hair strokes for a very natural look, shading gives you what I describe as a powdery finish.  If you're like me and typically color in your brows and like the more solid look or powder finish that you get when coloring them in versus seeing the individual hair strokes then you might also like shading.  

I decided to add in shading at my touch up session and am SUPER please with the results.  (It was just an adiditional $75) We also went a tad darker on the color when I went for my second session.

In terms of the process, your follow up session will be exactly like your first session.  You'll numb for 30 minutes, then she will draw, do the microblding 1 time, reapply numbing cream, then finish with the second round of mircoblading.  

during session 2.JPEG

Here you can see the drawing of where she outlined the brow during the process.

The difference this time for me was adding the shading which just added two more passes before we did the mircoblading. The shading hurt a bit more to me than the mircoblading.  It's more of a round thing with a bunch of tiny needles versus the one little needle.  But it's still a very quick process.  You can get through it, I promise! 😁

Here are some pictures after we completed the full second session of microblading + shading.

after session 2 pic 1.jpg
after session 2 pic 2.jpg
after session 2 pic 3.jpg

And finally, to wrap up, below I put together a before shot, a picture after the 1st session, and a final picture after the touch up session.

all 3 pics.JPG

I could not be happier with the results that I have!! I mean, I can't even put into words how it feels to wakeup in the morning and already have brows there without having to color them in even when I don't feel like putting makeup on.  It is such a game changer and I highly recommend it!!

I hope you girls found this informative and it answered questions that you might have had about the process.  If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to comment below on the post or email me and ask, I'm happy to help answer anything that I can. 

If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and are considering having microblading done then I would HIGHLY recommend reaching out to Casey on Instagram @suite_lovely and setting an appointment.  

And the best part....if you decide to go to Casey, mention Mama.Fit.Life and you can get 10% off!!! That's BIG savings!! 😘