15 Minute Full Body Plate Workout

And as promised, here is workout number 2 that I owe you babes!!  I LOVE this workout because you can do it all with just 1 weight 🙌🏼

I changed things up a bit and used a plate weight for this workout because we have lots of them laying around our garage and I wanted to increase my weight a bit, but you could easily just use a dumbbell for this workout as well.  I'm using a 35lb plate in the video.

This is another in the 15 minute workout series so keep moving at a quick pace and you will hit your entire body....upper, lower, back, core, and glutes!! 


  • Bridge Raises x12⠀

  • Weighted Press x12⠀

  • Squats x12⠀

  • Single Leg Bridge Raises x10 (each side)⠀

  • Weighted Press Slow x12⠀

  • Plank Leg Raises x10 (each side)⠀

Repeat for 3 sets total. Make sure to put your weight in your heels and knees behind toes when squatting, squeeze your booty at the top, and engage your core!! Enjoy! 😘