Killer Core Workout!

Hi babes!! New Killer Core Workout for you to start your week off right! No equipment needed for this one so get to it!! 😘


  • 🖤 Flutter Kicks x15
  • 🖤 Knee Raises x15
  • 🖤 Toe Reaches x15
  • 🖤 Bicycle Crunches x10 left then x10 right
  • 🖤 Leg Raise + Hip Lift x15
  • 🖤 Scissor Leg Raises x10

Repeat 3 times......and then you crushed it!!! 🖤


  1. Keep your core ENGAGED - think pull your belly button to your spine
  2. Keep your lower back pushed down onto the ground
  3. Don't strain or pull with your neck - use your core to bring you up
  4. If you need to modify or reduce the number of reps THAT'S OK....form is much more important!!

Feel free to share this post with another babe in your life who can use a good core workout!