Fré Skincare Review!

Hi girls!! So a few weeks ago I was asked by Fré Skincare if I would be interested in trying out their product and reviewing it on social media.  I had never heard of the brand before so I decided to look it up and do a little research before I agreed.

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Guess what I found when I looked them up??? They are a skincare line created with one thing in mind - SWEATY SKIN for girls who workout!!! Their line is geared toward people who are active and regularly sweating, active out in the sun, etc.  Sweat and sun can take a serious toll on your skin so they set out to create something designed specifically for that problem!

So of course once I read that and a few other things that I'll share shortly, I was TOTALLY interested in trying it out.  

So what did I get?

They sent me what's called the 123Fré set which is a comprehensive 3-step treatment that builds your skin's resilience day after day.  The treatment works to strengthen your skin so it can face all types of exercise, even in extreme climatic conditions  It specializes in combatting the skin damage and the signs of aging that are accelerated by the combination of sweat, intense exercise, sun, pollution and environmental factors.  

Before I break down the 3 different products that you get in the set, let me start with a few of the things that make this product pretty awesome.

  1. One of their main ingredients is Argan oil - and it smells DELICIOUS!!
  2. It's VEGAN
  3. No animal testing 🙅🏻
  4. Hypoallergenic & Non-comedeogenic
  5. Dermatologist tested
  6. Saved the best for last....For every Fré123 set that is sold, an Argan Tree is planted 🙌🏼 How awesome is that?? This has many creates a sustainable development, protects the environments, and empowers the women who harvest the Argan oil in Morrocco.  Pretty cool, huh?

Ok, so what is in the set??


So this is your basic facial cleanser.  The benefits that you are supposed to get from it are that it helps to restore your skins natural ph balance, unclogs pores, removes toxins, hydrates your skin and is free from the junk like parabens, mineral oils, SLS, and other chemicals that you don't need to be putting on your skin. 🙅🏻

For me personally, this one ranks #3 out of the 3 products you get in the set.  Not because there is anything wrong with it by any means, but I just don't use it as frequently as the others.  

The idea with this cleaner is to wash your face after your workout to rid your face of sweat, build up, etc.  And I do use it and like it for that purpose, but many times I hop in the shower and forget to take it so if I'm taking a full blown shower I often just didn't use it.

But I do like the light exfoliating beads that are in it.  You can tell you're getting a good clean but not just scraping your skin to death like some exfoliating cleaners I've used before 🙄


This is a defense facial moisturizer with SPF 30 in it.  This one I really like...I rank it #2 out of the 3 products.  I like that it is both a moisutrizer AND a sunscreen. 

As luck would have it, when I recieved my FRé123 set I had just run out of my Elta MD sunscreen that I use everyday under my makeup so I decided to give this a try before restocking that.

The idea with this mositurizer is to apply it before working out or when you will be active outdoors.  For me, given that I live in Texas and it's June, most of my workouts are indoors these days, so i'm not necessarily using it before my workout but I have been applying it first underneath my makeup for the day. 

At first I was a tad skeptical.  I was really used to how light and non-sunscreen feeling Elta MD was...if you have ever used it you know what I mean.  This was a bit heavier....not much though, it's still light.  I could smell a hint of "sunscreen" smell when I first applied it but after I got my makeup on I didn't notice it at all anymore. Not sticky either.

It shields skin from UVA, UVB, and IRA rays, has some anti-aging properties in it and deeply hydrates.  

The hydrating part I really like because with Elta MD it was soley a sunscreen so with this I get more bank for my buck.


This one I absolutly LOVE!!! 🖤🖤 This is the deep replenishig serum.  This is where the argan oil comes into play.  And oh my world does it smell good!! SO SO good!! I have even caught my hubby using it a few times! :)

It is supposed to help to regenerate collagen, improve skin elasticity, improve skin firmness, reduce wrinkles, replenish lost vitamins and minerals, and promote a natural and healthy glow. 

WOW...that's lots of supposed benefits right? Well, I've only been using this for a few weeks now but the one biggest thing I have noticed is that my skin just looks different...the best way for me to describe it is "dewey" know the dewey look that you can do with makeup these days? Well that's what I feel like is happening to my skin after using this stuff.  

Final Verdict?

My skin isn't necessarily dry or oily ever, it's pretty in the middle, however it has always looked kind of dull in my opinion, even when I'm well hydrated.  What I have noticed after using the FRé123 set that has been most impactful is this dewey, youthful look 💁🏻......for that reason, I will be continuing to use the set.....especially the serum! That one will for sure become apart of my daily routine.

Now let's talk numbers...

The Fré123 set costs $15 on their website and is meant to last 3 months.....though you could probably stretch it longer.

You can also order each of the products in the set individually.  For example if you run out of one but still have the others, you could just order a single product....when you buy a single product and not the set they are bigger bottles and are supposed to last for 6 months.  For example, a 6 month supply of the REVIVE ME serum is $65.

For 48 hours, you can use code MAMAFIT25 and get 25% off your order!!! 😱🙌🏼

That means instead of $115, you could try the set out for only $87!! 

So.....if you're in the market to try out some new skin care products, I would put my stamp on this line.....and again, in case you missed it the first time...especially the serum 😜

When I'm asked to try different products or brands like these I make sure to thoroughly research and try things out and give honest feedback.  I won't recommend something to you girls that I don't like and I will always be 100% honest!

Hope you girls enjoyed this review, thanks for reading! 😘