Full Body Workout

Hey girl!!!! Glad to see you here 🙃

So I recently put a question out on social media asking what day of the week you girls thought was the best day for me to post new workouts each week? Typically I always put them up on Sunday night so you could start the week with them, but I thought I should ask my audience and see what you thought was best!

Super glad I did because the response rate was pretty high for a couple of days...Tuesday and Wednesday....but Tuesday was the winner.  Several of you said that Monday's are typically pretty crazy and a little tougher to take on something new for the week but that Tuesday would be the perfect time.

So here we go, let's see how Tuesday works out for us MFL babes!!

Today I'm bringing you a full body workout with NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED.  This is a do anywhere anytime workout....which you can clearly see by my surroundings in the video...I think this is def gonna become my new favorite spot to film workout videos.  Normally i'm annoyed by how windy it is out here at our house but the breeze felt fabulous while sweating this out for you babes!

So, here we go!

Start off with 3 minutes of movement - you choose....jumping jacks, jump ropes, high knees, step & pulls and jogging in place are just the examples I show but move however you want to get the body warm and the blood pumping!


  • Up/Downs x10
  • Tricep Dips w/Bridge Raise x10
  • Pushups x10
  • Walking Lunges x10 (per leg)
  • Squat w/Side Raise x10 (per leg)
  • Burpees x10

Perform 3-4 rounds.

Things to note:

1.  Keep your core engaged....always, always, always!! Think pull your belly button to your spine 👍🏼

2.  Pushups - ok on your toes or your knees...FORM is much more important here.  Don't let your low back sag down...pull that belly button up.  Wrists directly under shoulders.  

3.  On your lunges, don't let your knees go past your toes.

4.  On your squats...again, keep your knees behind your toes.  Push that booty back like your sitting down in a chair!


Hope you girls enjoy this one!! If you try the workout, please post a comment on social media and #MFL