My Detox Cleanse - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As promised, today I am bringing you the good, the bad, and the ugly on the 7 day detox cleanse that I just completed.  

I am SUPER excited to tell you girls all about this because it truly was an amazing, but more importantly, EDUCATIONAL, experience for me.

Now, you all know that I love me some fitness.  I love working out, lifting weights, trying new classes and sharing it all with you girls.  I love creating quick easy to do at home workouts so that you babes can work on your fitness on your own schedule.

A newer addition to my passions over the last year or so has been more around nutrition. I've slowly begun to realize the full importance of nutrition and the KEY role that it plays in weight loss and creating the body that you are working towards.  

Many of you have probably heard this but weight loss is 20% fitness ad 80% diet 😳 Honestly, in the past, I prided myself on saying that I basically eat whatever I want but i work out regularly and that's how I stay in shape.  I felt proud that I didn't "diet".  Well, I've learned so much since those days, but shockingly, I've learned a tremendous amount in just the past few weeks.  

I'm going to share some of what I have learned with you today in this post on the detox but I will also continue with the educational posts to try and share everything as I'm learning it.  When I find something that really interests me, i'm like an attack dog.  I just can't let go of it....i'll research, and research...and then research some more.  I'll spend hours watching videos, reading articles, etc so I figure.....if I'm going to do that, I"ll share it with you guys so you don't also have to waste away on your computer or phone as well 😂

So....what is a detox cleanse?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

The words "cleanse" and "detox" get thrown around pretty heavily in today's world.  You hear things like "I'm feeling like a look a little pregnant....I really need to do a cleanse."  OR "I ate terrible while I was on vacation last week, I need to do a detox."

Now, I am just as guilty as the next girl on saying those things. but the truth of the matter is, we need to be cleansing and detoxing REGULARLY.  Not just when we feel bloated, or like we ate too many cheeseburgers over the weekend 🙄

Our bodies were created to expel waste on a regular basis.  To detox themselves on a daily basis.  Organs like your intestines, lymph system, kidneys, lungs, and skin....these are all organs that were created to expel waste from the body. 

So you may be asking yourself.....if our bodies are doing that on their own every day, why would you need to do anything additional? 🤔

The answer to that question 50 years ago would be much different than the answer today. 50 years ago the toxic burden on human beings was nothing like it is today.  

We are exposed to SOOOOO many toxins in our daily lives today.  Toxins from pollutants in the air we breathe....from the food we eat...the products we put on and into our bodies, the cleaners we use...and the list goes on.  Even the way in which stress has increased in our daily lives from 50 years ago attributes to the toxins in our body.

Here are some of the reasons why we are faced with more toxins in our lives than ever before:

  • Pollution. According to a 2016 report published by the World Health Organization (WHO), outdoor air pollution has risen by 8% globally in just the last five years.
  • Pesticides. In a 2012 paper for the National Institutes of Health, Dr. David Bellinger hypothesized that 16.9 million IQ points had been lost in children because of everyday pesticide exposure.
  • Drugs and Alcohol Use. Both regular drug use (illegal substances and prescribed pharmaceuticals) and regular drinking take their toll on our detoxification pathways, especially on the liver and the digestive system. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that 21.5 million American adults battled substance abuse in 2014.
  • Chemicals in the water and food supply. “Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances causes more than 200 diseases – ranging from diarrhea to cancers,” says the WHO. In addition, today’s municipal water supplies may contain anything from fluoride, chlorine, and lead, to parasites such as Giardia, to endocrine disruptors found in oral contraceptives.
  • Household and personal care products. Our skin is our largest organ for elimination. All those commercial “lotions and potions” we love to use are absorbed directly into the skin, as are the untested chemicals used to create them. Some toxins found in sundry products include phenoxyethanol, parabens, and formaldehyde.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions. Yes, even negative thoughts and emotions can translate into stress in the body. Chronic stress elevates cortisol levels, causing inflammation and a host of disease conditions. According to CBS News, the number of Americans admitting to being in “extreme stress” rose by 18% between 2014 and 2015

You name it.  Toxins are everywhere.  There is no escaping that fact.  

Once those toxins get into your body, they begin to store up inside of it.  They build up over time and create LOTS of unpleasant side affects like:

  1. Brain fog - a HUGE one and the most noticeable for me lately
  2. Stubborn weight gain
  3. Chronic Fatigue
  4. Body/breathe odor
  5. Constipation
  6. Chemical sensitivity

I think it's safe to say that every person is or has suffered with some of the above issues right?  Let's take brain fog for example.  This had become really obvious to me over the last 3-4 months.  I just all of a sudden realized that days felt hazy to me.  That's the best way I can describe it.  Like I was living in some sort of a fog.  Moving slower than normal, not thinking as quickly.  Just hazy.

I didn't know why this was happening or what might be causing it.  I simply tried to solve it like most people do - drinks...etc.

I will go into the details of the cleanse in a moment and what I experienced while doing it, but the #1 biggest thing that I noticed was the lift of the brain fog.  Just gone.  Like going from poor vision to lasik eye surgery.  I could see again.  Things were  It was amazing.

I could go on and on and on about toxic build up in our bodes and the effects it has on us, but I don't want that rant to take over. Instead, now that you know WHY we are more toxic today than in the past and thus why it's important to cleanse and detox your body regularly unless you want to deal with those unpleasant side effects listed above 👆🏼 (that many of you are probably experiencing as we speak), let's move on to the cleanse that I did and my experience.

So for did I come across the cleanse products that I took?  Well a few weeks ago I did a blog post about the ph balance of our bodies and what it means to have a body that is too acidic.  If you missed that.....along with my tragic tale of how my body is too acidic and the health problems....specifically dental problems....I was experiencing as a result - go check out the post HERE for all the dirty details.

That post 👆🏼will tell you why my interest was initially peaked by these products.  The line/company is called Pure.  The whole premise behind all of their nutritional products is


Their core products are made to work together to accomplish this goal of cleanse., balance, build.  They have a cleanse product that you take 1 week of the month that aids your body in effectively riding itself of the toxic build up and it does so through all 7 pathways of the body - eliminating through the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymphatics, skin, and bowels.  It does this through the use of an ALL NATURAL proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals.  

Then comes balancing.  They key here is balancing the ph of your body.  Your body HAS to be balanced at all was created to make sure it is constantly working towards balance.  The problem is all of the things that we ingest like soda, meats, processed food, dairy products, and artificial sweenters, all throw your body into an acidic state.  When that happens, if you aren't balanceing it out with whole raw foods, your body has to compensate by pulling nutrients from your bones.  Being acidic also creates the perfect environment and breeding ground for sickness and disease.  So balancing your ph is KEY.

Then comes Build.  Build your body up with the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that it NEEDS in order to function effectively.  It's amazing what your body can do and heal if you just fuel it properly.  

So in a nutshell, that's how I become interested in these products overall becuase I was desperately looking for a way to help me balance the ph in my body.  As I was researching I saw that they had a detox cleanse program.  This was in addition to the simple cleanse product that you can use one week out of every month on an ongoing basis.  

This detox program consisted of seriously cleaning out your body.  Eliminating all the bad stuff from your diet like processed foods, refined flours, artificial sweenters and more.  It's like drug rehab for your body.  You cut out all the junk, fill your body with good raw whole food nutrition and then see what happens in 7 days. 

I wanted to give it a try.  Figured it could be a good way to try some of the products and also a great way to cleanse my body becuase honestly, outside of occasionally drinking dandelion root tea to help wtih bloating, I had never done a cleanse before.  

Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to try some kind of cleanse or detox but in the past it seemed that the only ones i could ever find where juice cleanses where you order several hundred dollars worth of juice to last you for a week and that's all you had.  Juice.  All week. 

I had a lot of issues with that. But if I just point out 2 of them - first off, there is minimal nutrition in juice.  There are so many things missing that your body needs in order to properly function.  There is also a lot of sugar in juice.  And yes....I understand that fruit naturally has sugar.  But just because it's natural (which is good) doesn't mean that your body needs that amount of sugar in it at once. 

So....this was looking like a great alternative.  

The other bonus I saw was that the pack was built for 2 people.  So you got enough product to not only allow 2 people to do the detox (or if just one person you would have enough to do the cleanse again down the road) plus you still have product left at the end to continue to try through the month... #winning

Let's talk cost for a second before we talk cleanse details. 

When I looked at different juice cleanses that are out there ( and there are TONS) I found some cost examples for you to compare for some of the top ones:

Juice Cleanse Costs:

Squeezed online 7 day juice cleanse - $378 

Blue Print 3 day Juice cleanse - $195 (so if you wanted 7 days of that you would be looking at about $455)

Catalyst 3 day Juice cleanse - $180 (so for 7 days about $420)

So if you take those examples the average of a 7 day juice cleanse would cost you about $417 per person.

So what does the Pure detox cost??

There are 2 options for the Pure detox pack.  One is $450 and the other is $699.  The differences between the two is that you get all of their superfruit bottles (4 bottles) and extra energy packets with the bigger package.  Those superfruits are an optional part of the cleanse but they are AMAZING and have soooo many health benefits.

Now remember....those costs above are for 2 people!! So you can do the cleasne with your bestie...or in my case with the hubby.  

So if you break that down your looking at $225 per person for the smaller pack or $349 per person with the larger pack.  Soooooooo......both are significantly cheaper than your average 7 day juice cleanse.  Again......#winning. you want to know what happens on the cleanse? Like what are you allowed to eat? What does a day look like? Etc. 

Well here we go then.

Let me start by just showing you the calendar that you follow.  It spells everything out for you so it makes it super simple to plan for and follow.

Detox Calendar.jpg

And something to note about that'll notice at the bottom that it goes past 7 days and extends all the way to 28 days.  You have the option to continue it and they show you exactly how to do that if you so choose!

So what you need to take note of in the calendar is not only the fact that there is REAL FOOD on this cleanse, but there are tons of ALL NATURAL, raw whole food nutritional supplements that you are flooding your body with while detoxing all the gunk out.  

There is also a sheet that gives you all kinds of examples of the things you have as options to eat when you see things on the calendar like serving of fruit, or non starchy veggie or 1 spells it all out for you and you just pick and choose your favorite items.

Now....I'm going to list out all the things I noticed or happened during the 7 days:

Lift of brain fog and TONS of ENERGY.

I was expecting to feel drained and have no energy and be cranky and that wasn't the case at all.  I was mentally clear and on point. Now, as the week went on I did modify my workouts...still worked out the whole time, but just lifted heavier weights and didn't do cardio.  I think high intensity workouts would be a little too much during this type of detox cleanse.

I wasn't hungry all the time like i expected to be. 

Now were there times where I got a little hungry? Of course....but it passed rather quickly....I would just down 12oz of water and keep moving on.  Plus, you have snacks built into this and your intake of fiber is off the charts which is a HUGE help to keeping you feeling full, among other benefits.

My gums stopped bleeding.

If you read my previous post you know about the dental issues I deal with but another tooth related issue I have is that even though I floss on a daily basis, every time I do my gums bleed.  Always.  So annoying.  By day 2 of the cleanse that had completely stopped 🙀

I dropped weight. 

I didn't go into this to lose weight, though I figured it would be a natural side effect.  Well it definitely was...I lost 8lbs during the 7 days and so far it's all still gone a week and a half later. Here are some before and after pics.

2 things to point out on this one.......look right above my bikini bottom and notice on the Day 1 picture the line that goes horizontally across abdomen but in the day 7 pic it's completely gone! I'm guessing that is part inflammation and partly related to all the gunk that was built up in my gut and bowels!!! 😳🤢  Secondly, look right above my knees and notice how much ore you can see my leg muscles! Again - reduced inflammation!

2 things to point out on this one.......look right above my bikini bottom and notice on the Day 1 picture the line that goes horizontally across abdomen but in the day 7 pic it's completely gone! I'm guessing that is part inflammation and partly related to all the gunk that was built up in my gut and bowels!!! 😳🤢

Secondly, look right above my knees and notice how much ore you can see my leg muscles! Again - reduced inflammation!

Detox pic right.JPG
Ok...on this one take a look where the arrow is pointing and you can see the difference in that area on the side that we like to call the "saddlebag" region 😂 You can also see the difference in my tummy.

Ok...on this one take a look where the arrow is pointing and you can see the difference in that area on the side that we like to call the "saddlebag" region 😂 You can also see the difference in my tummy.

My mood was awesome. 

One of the flagship products in this line is a blend of herbs and superfruits that is formulated to balance hormones and mood levels.  That sounded like non sense to me. 😒 BUT -  I kid you not - 2 days into this and I could 100% tell a difference.  I was calmer and more laid back.  I wasn't yelling at my kids as often 😂 I was more patient.  I just felt good.....and keep in mind I was on a cleanse and felt GOOD. 

But that pales in comparison to my husband. 

So as I said before, my hubby did the cleanse with me, and though I'm like this a little bit too, if you think about him being hungry, think about the snickers commercials.  Like he gets legit HANGRY.  So going into this I was of course excited that we were going to do it together, but also slightly concerned 🤔 of how it would play out if he found himself really hungry.  Well i'm here to tell you that while he did complain of hunger more often than I did....he was NEVER hangry.  Literally never.  We both just had such an incredible demeanor the whole time.  So awesome. Now we both drink this stuff daily, as do all 4 of my kids 😏

And a bonus fun fact that I found out after the cleanse.  There are multiple medical reserch reorts that have been done on this product (called GoYin) and comparing it's effects to the effects of Prozac and Lithium for battling depression and the GoYin won out!! AND ITS ALL NATURAL1!!! Not medications with crazy side effects that just require more medications!

Most amazing sleep EVER.

Seriously....probably the best week of sleep of my life.

It changed my view on portions.

So this was big for both me and my husband.  Going through this process and eating not only the foods they recommend but the AMOUNT of food they recommend was really eye opening on the portions we should be consuming.

Made me reaLIZE how much I DON'T eat vegetables.

Yep.  Veggies are my struggle for sure, but this really brought it to my attention.

No PMS symptoms.

Normally when I start my period bloating is the number one thing I notice.  I also get cramps and general sensitivity, especially on the first and second day, but I was lucky enough for that time of the month to fall on day 2 of the cleanse and I felt nothing.  No bloating.  No cramps.  Nothing.  Coincidence? I think not.


Those are the top things I noticed during the cleanse.  Hopefully that is helpful to you girls.  Overall, it was an INCREDIBLE experience.  

Now, it isn't for the weak minded.  Don't go into this thing thinking it's going to be a peice of cake.  It isn't by any means.  It takes self discipline, motivation, and focus. It takes METNAL TOUGHNESS.  But it's also not going to be as bad as you think and you totally CAN DO THIS if you commit to it.

It's going to teach you so much....about food...about what your body is lacking and how to get it....about the benefits of whole raw food....and why you shouldn't be afraid of the word "supplements" but rather embracing them because in today's world with the things we are faced with quite frankly, our bodies just can't run properly without them.

So that was a TON of info.....I know!! Problem is there is still so much more detail I can share with you girls about this experience, but I don't want to overwhelm.  

So....if your interest is peaked and you have questions or just want to talk with me about the cleanse or the products shoot me an email at or fill out the contact form on this site.  Below I posted a picture of the products in the detox pack just so you have a visual.

Detox Plus Pack.png

When yoiu look at that picture....stop and really look.  See what all your getting....research those products.  Becasue if you are thinking about a cleanse...or just looking for a way to jumpstart a new health routine or work on getting healthier this is for you.  Compare what you see there to bottles of juice for 7 days. 🙄

Honestlly, there is just no comparison at all. 

It was money 100% well spent for me....(plus there was a 30 day money back guarantee!!!) so really no risk at all! 

If you have questions or comments, shoot me a note!